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Memorial Stones can be used for Graves and gardens or you can even use the memorial stones for your passed loved pets. Every Memories Engraved Memorial is made with care and precision. We appreciate that our memorials will pay tribute to those people, places and moments that have touched the lives of our clients.

Memorial stones serve as tasteful and elegant monuments to loved ones. Never too formal or stuffy, they are better for expressing the individual nature of the deceased person. Memorial stones can be inscribed with images as well as text and we go out of our way to ensure that you are getting precisely what you want. To ensure complete satisfaction, each personalized memorial layout is emailed to our customers for individual approval before engraving begins. We will gladly work with you to create the most fitting tribute possible.

We are wholesaler from China and we have professional Memorial Headstone worker who can satisfy what you need. We welcome importer form the wholeworld. When you purchase these memorial monuments and headstones from us you will be able to order from us by sending a inquiry by expressing the detail of what you want. All the product catalog you can choose from. Or you can customize or design yourself, just sending us the pictures and details. We can do almost all carving and enching stuff. If you're a individual buyer, I think you come to the right place to get cheaper Memorial Stones. The things you need to do is to find a Shipping Company for you to import the memorial stones. Or you can follow the INDIVIDUAL GUIDE we gave you. You know purchasing from China can help you save money.

You will also have the option to select a lift gate for unloading, and shipping location if it will be residential or commercial. If a lift gate will be needed to unload the cemetery headstone if it will be needed the cost for a lift gate will be an extra $50. If the grave headstone will be delivered to a residential address it will also be a small fee of $50, but deliveries to a commercial address such as a cemetery or church will be free. If you are located in the Maryland, D.C., or Virginia area we can install the headstone for you, but contact the cemetery or church that the memorial will be installed at to see if any requirments need to be met. Thank you for taking a look at what we have to offer. Customb Stones strives to make our process easy for our customers. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

We are sensitive to the fact that this is a very difficult time for you and try to ensure that we no added stresses are encountered within our service. We provide a picture mock up of the stone, showing inscriptions and images on the actual memorial stone that you would receive so that you can see exactly what you would get without having to commit to buying it until you are satisfied that it is perfect!

Prices vary from stone to stone so we suggest that you email us with your choice of text and an idea of the image if you require one (not all images are possible, but we always try for you). Often the amount of text needed will determine the size of the memorial stone needed.

Have a look at our memorial plaques on our sister site for more examples and styles.

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Memorial Headstones

granite memorial stonesGRNITE MEMORIAL Headstones is used for memorial purpose and is also durable. Easy to install this stone is made with perfection and also has smooth edges. Fine in finish this stone can also be customized as per the details provided by the client. This stone is light in weight and available in different sizes and patterns.

We located in the the original granite stone production base in China - LingShou, which is called Stone Cunty in China. We have enough materials especially China Black Granite, as well as Forest Green, Butterfly Green, Green Ever such green stones, and Red, Pink, Grey all kinds of Granite stones.

Like this picture of Black Granite Memorial Stone, you can choose Cross and Rose designs and hand cut can be finished by our expert carving workers.

Granite headstones are available with a polished, part polished, honed or rustic finish in the following natural colours: White, Black, Dark grey, Light grey, Blue, Red, Green...Know More...

memorial plaquePLAQUE MEMORIALS A stone or bronze plaque with grass around which bulbs and bedding plants may be planted in an unbounded area 9" wide. Especially Granite Plaque Memorials are more popular. Granite Plaque Memorials can be rough edged memorial marker with polished natural slate sourced. Durable and unique.

The Plaque Memorials can be engraved with letters and flowers thiat shows a bit more versatility of the images that we can engrave on our memorials.Know More...